LAN speed test - advice needed for a newbie please

So I’ve got myself a new mycloud 4tb as my existing mybooklive 2tb is getting full.

Running a LAN speed test, reading/writing a 200mb file on mybooklive i get an upload speed of 315.8505440 Mbps, completed in 5.0656870 seconds, a download speed of 318.000640 Mbps, completed in 5.01484 seconds. Running the same test on mycloud I get an upload speed of 33.03668 Mbps, completed in 48.4310148 seconds, a download speed of 488.8969840 Mbps, completed in 3.2726731 seconds.

Can anyone shed any light on the huge difference in the upload speed between the two devices. I have swapped cables, swapped ports on the router, connected direct to my Mac and ran the same tests, no other network traffic running.

Anyone have any ideas as I’m scratching my head at the moment.


What method do you use to test on the My Cloud? Mapped shares? using AFP or SMB? using the desktop app?

Software, lan speed test by totusoft

It is not really helpful to investigate why some specific hardware “fails” a specific test protocol or approach. It is more meaningful to look at practical real-life scenarios. In other words, you didn’t buy this NAS to maximize the results on your test software…

When you copy a set of small files or a single large file using Windows explorer, do you still see a big difference between the 2 products?