Ordered the 3Tb version of My Cloud via amazon, plugged it Wednesday morning and have been dumping data since then.

This morning one transfer proke (cannot read), the device has a red led and it seems like it does not reset…

Have I really lost all the data? If I finally keep it… is there any way to make it smoother and failproof? Just getting read of all the WD firmware and keeping the samba share? (I’m comfortable with hacking electronic devices).

And, most importantly to all of you already using it… WOULD YOU KEEP IT?

Any risk that the device was overheating?

Had a few niggles with mine (Usb Backup) but it has been good so far, my transfer rates are poor but that is down to my hardware being old and slow.

Overheating? Isn’t it supposed to be ON 24/7? I was sending about 120Gb at the time but if that can cause overheating, even if I fix it, I don’t see how it’s going to survive mid-summer here.

It is quite frustrating to buy hardware dedicated to saving data, and seeing it malfunctioning and causing your data loss…

It is definitely supposed to be on all the time, but who knows, maybe the air circulation is not right in your case and the device could overheat, especially during content upload. Mine is cool and quiet.

Did you try to unplug the power from device, wait for a little while, and then plug it back in again?

It’s been off the whole night, still red led.

It’s off now, but I doubt i can recover it…

Yeah… A red light is not good news. It looks like you have a defective disk at this point: RMA…