Keyboard and mouse of compute center dont sync


I buy the “WD PIDRIVE COMPUTE CENTRE” but i have problems with the keyboard and mouse of the kit.
I cant turn on the sync mode in any device, to make it visible for raspberry pi (or computer o mobile…)

I try to press the button, twice, long press, hold pressing, and some other combinations…
The mouse has power because the laser its on, and the batteries are new.

Theres not instructions for this devices.

I try to detect them with other devices and nothing, in the computer installing thecd with the software and nothing.

Any ideas?


Hi, are you using the USB adapter (“dongle”) that came with the keyboard/mouse? The dongle is shipped inside the mouse in the battery compartment. This needs to be plugged into the R-Pi. You should not need to press the sync buttons- the keyboard and mouse should work once the USB dongle is plugged in. If you tried this and it’s still not working, please let me know. Thanks.