Keep seeing this error in logs on mac

9/15/16 12:53:58.423 AM WD Sync Service[399]: CoreData: Failed to load optimized model at path ‘/Library/Application Support/WD Sync/WD Sync 9.omo’

Anyone know why this is? It just keeps repeating.

Hi, I have not seen this before, are you having issues using WD Sync?

yes, I dont have the error log of it now but it does this thing specifically with word files that I have setup with WDsync. It saves other renditions of the file im working on under the same filename+ a timestamp. I dont know why it is happening. I am fearful that this activity might eventually corrupt something.

Clearly something I cannot afford to happen as these are my lawschool notes lol

WD Sync does some version history saving, hence the timestamps. I’m sure there’s a setting to disable version history, if you don’t want version history…

I’m assuming your “I don’t know why it is happening” comment refers to the version timestamps.

Thanks for the tip. Im still trying to figure out why im getting the error message stated in my original post.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing? The error message sounds like it’s missing either some component or a generated file.