Keep receiving error "There is no media in the curent folder" please help

I recently bought a new WD TV Live Plus HD Media and when I try to use my network shares I keep receiving this error all the time, it is very frustating. My unit is updated to the latest firmware, so I don’t know it is a problem with the new firmaware ( I don’t know how to downgrade). BTW, I want to clarify that I have read many post about the same error but with no solutions at all. Seems that WD stopped support for Windows XP OS, since I don’t see nothing about it in the version history of the firmwares.

My setup:

I am running Windows XP PRO in my laptop via wireless and the WDTV Live Plus is wired connected to my router, I just want to stream a video from my laptop(wireless) to the WD TV Live Plus (wired) so i can watch it on my TV. The unit detects my network shares and the Laptop but when it tries to connect asks me for a password; pass or not (anonymous), I still recieved the error message “There is no media in the current folder”.

I have no firewalls or antivirus, my XP Pro is a fresh copy and my user windows have a pass but it didn’t work, I also created a guest account with full control to everyone to not avail.

My question is what’s next? How can I solve this problem? thanks in advance.

What if you re-do the network shares? There are times when the read permissions to the user called “Everyone” are not working as they should. Also try a wired connection for the sake of testing.

I did it a couple of times and again the same message. Wired and Wireless same thing.

Btw my windows has a login and password, I tried it with password and without password and still the same.

Is there any WD tutorial to setup step by step the nerwork shares for Windows XP? Does it actually work with Windows XP Pro?

At first I was amazed that WD didn’t make a installation CD for this unit, or at least a link testing program to detect devices.