Keep drive mounted on a mac

I recently bought a mybooklive 3TB. I’m using an imac with Lion and my wife a macbook pro with Snow Leopard. I have to manually connect the HDD to the macs with an ethernet cable to use time machine but that’s another problem:smiley:

My question is how to keep the MBL mounted/connected because I want to run my iTunes library from it. When my mac goes to sleep it loses the connection to the drive and when I wake it up I have to manually reconnect to MBL (as a guest) before starting itunes. If not, itunes asks me to find the itunes library and I have to go off and mount the disk then restart itunes. It’s all a bit of a fiddle!

I know I can keep the iTunes library locally and the media files on the NAS but that gets complicated because my wife wants to access the iTunes library too from the macbook and we’ll get version issues if we are using two iTunes libraries

has anyone else come across this and is there a simple solution?


Make sure to map the drive properly. Check the link below for detailed information.

Check this link as well. This should help you to set the drive.

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