Just want to save, edit, delete, copy, paste individual files!

I just want to use My Passport like a USB flash drive to save/edit/delete/copy/paste individual files. I have done that with other My Passports with no problem. All I seem to be able to do with my new one is a full backup with WD Discovery software. Do I need to disable WD Discovery or download other software?

You just need to make shtcuts to the locations where the Data you Define to Save are located.
Discovered that the WD backup Location for me is -----J:\WD Backup.swstor\My name\VGMgOJUGO1NdHDOj\Volume{a1bbc16f-7361-11e1-9521-806e6f6e6963}\Users\My name\Documents\Craig …
That’s where most of my data Saved is and appropriate Shtcuts are made and placed in a Master Shtcut spot…
For Macrium Images and Firefox backups that have Name-length issues, I Mark them for specific areas close to the J:\ and make the shtcut to access either from my W7 desktop or a MyPpt Folder.
No software would be used to make MyPassport JUST a USB.
I sure like having WD Backup Learn the File changes I’ve made on C: and change them on the MyPpt - BUT your intended use surely can have a different strategy.