Just want to play music wireless. Please help

Hello all,

I bought the WD TV Live Hub for pretty much one reason. This is to be able to have my laptop on my lap with my Itunes open and my reciever on, and play any song I want through my speakers with just clicking on it on my computer.

This has given me sooo much trouble. I tried playing an mp3 with the “right click” “play to” option. It only gives me a “can’t connect to server” message.

Then, I d/l Twonky. That worked for a little bit and then decided not to let me see my Hub by telling me that my server is busy.

If anyone could please help, I just want to play music without going into my hub the whole time.

This is also the issue with videos.

Please help,


A polite request to provide the most basic information if you’d like help.  Please provide a more complete description of the scenario and configuration(s) associated with your issue.

Twonky is running on what OS - Mac or PC?

How are you connecting to the WDTVLH; I’m guessing wireless on your laptop, to accesspoint, to router and finally to the WDTVLH?

You say you click on the mp3 and then play to, but you don’t say what program you’re doing this in?  Assuming Twonky.

You said it worked for a while; did it stop working while it was working or did it work in one session and then you tried to do the same thing again and it wouldn’t work.

Are there any problems with other networking features of the WDTVLH unit; can you see “out” from the WDTVLH; can you see your laptop from the WDTVLH?

This seems to be a network config challenge to solve, but again, the humble request to provide as much info as you can to help the folks in the forum help you.



To answer your questions:

Twonky was running on my PC. WIndows 7.

It is not installed anymore because it kept giving me the “server busy” error.

What I have is the Live hub wired into my modem, wired optical audio to my reciever, and HDMI to my television. I can see the live hub on all my computers and play songs from the hub. But I can only play them on the computer that I am on. Not the reciever. I have to go into the Hub and play music through there.

To “play as” I just go into the networked hub on my computer, browse my mp3 folder, and right click on any mp3.

I did use Twonky, and would like to continue using Twonky for this, but it keeps giving me the error.

I can not see my laptop from the hub. Not sure if I really need to.

Is there any other program besides Twonky that anyone knows about that I can use?

Thanks, and sorry about the lack of info. Hope all of this helps.


To be real honest there’s a lot of things that could be at the root fo this issue, BUT let’s try to pick the low hanging fruit and see if we can get you listening to some tunes.

The first thing I’d like you to try (ripped straight from the Twonky Support forum…) is  “waiting 5-7 minutes until the initial file scan is complete and you should see that message go away.”

Here’s the link:   http://www.twonkyforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=8567&p=31830&hilit=+server+busy+#p31830

One of the things I’ve noticed about Twonky is that is does have a pretty heavy queuing-up penalty.  The fact that it was working and then stopped supports this as a possible solution.

So that is our first step.  If you decide to try another server, I won’t be able to help as I won’t be able to replicate your setup.  I do recommend that you resolve to giving Twonky a couple of tries to get it set up and get yourself familiar with it.  So far it seems to be a good product.