Just to understand the menu


i connected my wd tv live to my network, server is a synology ds210j …

everything works but i have a few questions:

i have 3 shared folders in my network (photos, music, video), all with same user/pass.

choose photos in the wd-menu, network - where my ds210j is listed, connect to share photos, gave user/pass …

so every time i choose a menu (photos, music or video) i get my 3 folders on ds210j listed …

is it possible to connect one folder to the menu it belongs to?

when i choose photos an open the music folder - the content will be played with the right player then - so what is the menu for?

hope someone understands this … :wink:

my wife and my daughter don’t, i couldn’t explain them why they have to choose twice …


Welcome to the forums.

What you say makes perfect sense, but the Live doesn’t work that way.  You might want to go to the Ideas lab (link above) and suggest it (but search first to see if it hasn’t been suggested already and vote for it if it has).