Just started using this. Have a few questions

I’ve been using it for a few days, I’ve watched a few videos and I have a few questions.

  1. How do you use the green A “Sort and Filter” button? I’ve tried pushing it while I have videos from my usb hdd listed and it never does anything.

  2. When watching videos on Youtube, do you have to type the search text in every time? Is there no way to save a search so you can run it another time or save the results of the search so you can disconect, reconect later and the results are still there?

  3. When watching a video on youtube, is there a way to search faster? The fast forward button only advances a few seconds and you can’t hold it down either. You have to push and release too many times to count to get to the end of a 20 minute video. Is there a way to go straight to the end and search backwards?

  4. I read in some posts here that the media library is only for usb drives. Does that mean only usb drives connected directly to the media player or also usb drives on the network? All my videos are on a usb hdd connected to my pc. So far, I haven’t been able to use the media library cuz it always gives me an error that the folder is read-only (see 5 below)

  5. When I try to use the media library, it complains that the folder is read-only. How do I remove the read-only attribute? If I remove a shared folder’s read only attribute from Properties, click OK, and then go back into it, it’s back again. I can watch the videos fine. I just can’t turn off the read-only attribute so I can add the folder to the media library. This isn’t serious. I even read that you shouldn’t use the media library but I want to see for myself if I can.

  6. I have not downloaded the firmware update and I’m not sure if I should. The issues above are not serious. Unless there’s a real benefit to updating the firmware, I don’t think I will because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Thanks for any info.

  1.  It’s only active if your content source is My Media Library.

  2.  No, the Media Library works for local storage (USB) and Network Shares as well.

  3. It depends on your operating system.  But in general, it’s not a “Read Only Attribute.”   It’s the permissions defined in the share settings.