Just spent the last hour troubleshooting my network

So after backing up my data from my QNAP to my set of “My Clouds”, I dragged out all my EX2 (three of them) and I dragged out my two My Book Duos and started playing around with them.

Then something strange started to happen, the trouble I had with all my iHome Smartplugs last year where they all went offline unable to get an ip, started again.

Well of course it must be the three EX2 clashing with the Smartplugs, right? All WD fault.

Spent a whole hour powering down the EX2, rebooting the router, rebooting every iHome Smartplugs (7 of them), unplugging the EX2 to ensure that they are not just hibernating and holding the ips; they are all on DHCP.

I even check if iHome might be the problem as the devices might be connecting to a cloud server, but the red led is flashing meaning that the smart plugs aren’t getting an IP.

It has to be a WD EX2 problem… I mean my iHome smart plugs had been running fine for over a year when the EX2 were tucked away in boxes.

I finally rebooted my Airport extreme and Airport Time Capsule and Airport Express.

The iHome Smartplugs came back up.


You know as technology gets more and more sophisticated the more you have to figure who is at fault just so you can post up a rant on that forum on how bad of a product that company is producing.

I mean it has to be WD? right? I don’t know if I should turn on my EX2s now. :stuck_out_tongue:

so another problem cropped up, the blue light on my SSD is blinking rapidly and I figure it must the WD Utilities that might be attempting to read/write my SSD, so I un-install WD Discovery, WD Utilites, rebooted my Mac and the SSD continues to blink rapidly.

Checked Activity Monitor to see who is accessing my SSD and it turned out to be mds-stores which is Apple’s spotlight engine indexing my SSD. The reason that it is indexing my SSD is that earlier in the day I used a program called BlueHarvest to delete all my apple DS_Store, ._AppleDouble, .Folders from my USB SSD because they take up room on my SSD by allocating all these tiny blocks. Every single file has an associated Apple metadata file. Well mds_stores is putting them all back just so that I can search quicker.

I should be a normal user and stop doing all these painful things.

But then what would you do with all of your free time?

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Play video games of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Definite hobby.

I only update software when FORCED.
Something always breaks whenever Win10 updates.

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I had been a windows advocator until 2010 before I went whole hog into Apple Products. I was a full time Photographer and giving a customer an iPad within a suede jacket cover with all my wedding photos was a no brainer.

I always have hated Microsoft for making a simple upgrade into a whole day event where you have to figure out why something isn’t working. Updates always appears when you don’t have internet connection and it locks you into that upgrade page and turns your laptop into something that you want to throw.

I’ve been a Mac user for about nine years now ever since I discovered that upgrades takes about half hour to upgrade and everything “works” afterwards. Even buying a new Mac is painless as it has a cloning feature that clones everything you had on your old Mac over to the new. In less then a few hours, you have an identical Mac with all your software loaded on a new OS.

I feel sorry for window users today as Microsoft is forcing you to update. I do have one Microsoft Window 10 pocket PC for recording all my security cameras; I managed to hack that version back in the day, so that it never updates.

WD updates are much like Microsoft in that the users are the beta testers.

Well. . . .my mileage definitely varies.

I actually will “swing both ways” depending on the value proposition of the product.

I had the 2nd iPad. It was the best tablet on the market when it came out. Worked great for a few years; but when it came time to upgrade - - -> I just couldn’t justify the price for the high storage versions. In the android world - - > you just throw in another microSD card and SHAZZAM. . .more storage space! Oh. . .and no iTunes. Plug the tablet into a usb port. . .and files are transferred via drag and drop.

I have looked at Mac computer products. . . but have never been impressed by the cost/hardware ratio. Plus, I don’t want to ever buy a computer where I can’t replace the battery, RAM and HDD. (that’s a tall order these days).

Having said that. . . I probably will put a non-repairable/non-upgradable surface tablet on the xmas list this year. :slight_smile:

The PC upgrade cycle has improved in recent years. You can now get an install image off the net. . .and blamo - - -> Fresh OS straight from Microsoft installed relatively quickly. (an hour or two?) New PC’s are now far less traumatic than 5 years ago.

But yes. . .the forced upgrades are a definite issue. That is a very legitimate knock. Most are simple 20 minute affairs. . . .but every once in a while things go very, very wrong.

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