Just got a Gen 1 -- a few questions

Just got one and it works great. There are a few things I don’t understand yet.

With MKV files, the subtitles default to on so I have to turn them off through the options of the MKV while viewing the movie. Is there a way to have the subtitles off unless you actually turn them on?

Also, using composite cables with my old 27" bedroom TV, the volume doesn’t seem to work. What I mean is that when I increase the volume on the television, the volume stays the same and does NOT change at all. It’s odd. Volume works on DVDs and regular television broadcasts. It seems too low. I have the unit plugged directly into the back of the television. I suspect it may have something to do with the files themselves and I may need to get an old reciever or something.

I have a WD MyBook that does not power off when you turn the power off to the WD HD unit. I have to hold the button on the HD to turn it off. Any way to have the device power off the external hard drive when powered off itself?

I think that’s it for now. Thanks in advance.


I think that the subs are on all the time by defaults. The volume issue happens with all the files? Have you check the composite cables?

The WDTV does not turn off any device, the USB will keep passing power while connected to the power source.

It’s been a while since I tinkered with my Gen1 – I’ve been busy with other things.

When the device was first powered up, it defaulted to having the Subtitles set to “On”.  I obviously changed that setting.

But, if I remember correctly, subs would still show for any file that has the Subtitle flag default set to “On”. 

I just re-muxed everything with the subs defaulting to “Off”.

Now, if I start a file, the subs don’t show up.  But I can turn them on if I wish.

I believe later WDTV devices ignore the subtitle flag completely, so the same file won’t automatically start with subs on on a WDTV Live.

The WDTV doesn’t alter the audio levels of any signal.  If the audio levels are “low” out of it, then that’s the file, not the device.

My WDTV’s output the same audio level as the same DVD in 3 different DVD players (which _ IS _ quieter than regular television – watching TV, the volume is set to 10… watching a DVD the volume needs to be increased to 18… watching the WDTV, the volume needs to be increased to 18).  It’s quieter than the actual television channels, but the WDTV isn’t changing volume levels – it just plays back whatever is encoded in the files.  It’s still easier to change the volume on the TV (or an attached receiver) than to de-mux the file and try to bump the audio tracks and then re-mux everything back together.