Just bought WD TV SMP...I have a few questions

Hi All,

Just finished setting up, and I have a few questions. A few things to note…the content source is a USB drive connected to another machine (Windows Vista) on the network. I’m using the default theme (Mochi). The computer the USB drive is connected to, we’ll call it VISTAPC, has several shares on it. I have only given rights to ‘wdtv’ on my media shares (VIDEO, AUDIO & PHOTOS).

  1. Are there supposed to be thumbnails in the dashboard? There are thumbnails when I browse ‘Video’, but I’m not seeing any in the dashboard.

  2. Whenever I play a video, I can hear the ‘mount/unmount’ sound coming from my office (where the USB drive is connected). Is it supposed to do this?

  3. When I enter the media sections, I am seeing all of the shares available to VISTAPC. Is there a way I can hide the shares that do not contain media? I don’t see a way to select a specific ‘root’ source. I can select the ‘root’ for the content to scan, but I don’t see a way to do the same overall.

Ex. Assuming the shares are as listed below, I don’t want WD TV to list SOME_SHARED_FOLDER and ANOTHER_SHARED_FOLDER. But, I want it to see the other folders. Hope this makes sense.







  1. I cannot seem to find information on adding meta-source sources…a link would be greatly appreciated. When I click ‘Add Source’ it returns a message along the lines of ‘No storage present’.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

1- No.

2- What do you mean with mount? The sound of your USB drive been detected? If that so, that is not normal.

3- ?

4- User manual of the device, page 96.

i’m new wd tv too but so far here is what i can say

3 - i believe WD TV Live SMP, will scan all the shared folder from that shared network drive. there is no way for to select specific folder to scan or see.

what you can do is remove the sharing from the other folder you dont WD TV to access/see

4 - i think you’ll have to add and external source, probably an xml database for them to get the meta-data (not a scrapper) to use this. (not totally sure ><)

hope i helped