Just after a little more help again please!

I have been backing up my SD movies onto my hub in vob format and iso’s and they have worked perfectly I have recently added a 2tb usb storage my book to the system i have put a few sd dvds on there and they play perfectly.

I am now trying to do the same with Blu Ray movies I have used AnyDVD to make an iso image file and put it on the my book it played once perfectly and now wont play again. So i then tried a different movie and used the rip function on anydvd - this doesnt seem to play at all all it does is just show me the loading symbol in the middle of the screen.

So looking through form i found someone used makeMKV beta so i tried a third disc and the same happens any ideas???

All i want to do is rip the main film as i have been with the sd ones and play it in 1080p!

I am using Makemkv for all my Blu-ray movies and have no issues playing thru the hub. The first  question I would have, does the MKV file generated my makemkv play on your PC ok…

ummmm dont know i deleted them! seem to have iso files working now. the only thing i did notice on the original italian job it cut the start off! will try mkv again tomorrow! thanks for your reply. on one dvd in iso format i cant skip chapters would it have taken them out?

One other note. Makmkv and anydvd don’t play nice together. I would uninstall anydvd, and try makemkv and see if it plays correctly on your PC after the rip.

The plot thickens! I have just ripped toy story 3 BR into an iso the file is around 40gb when I press play it just flashes the background of the movie. the movie doesnt play it just says there is 0.00 remaining? a tad confused now! other isos from the same location - a WD USB my book 2tb unit connected to usb port 2?

I cant seem to play isos on my pc but that maybe because i dont have the software! any more advice greatfully recieved!

I really think you are chasing too many possibilities of where the error is. If your plan is to use iso, then download the VLC media player. It’s freeware and can play just about any format including .iso. Once you can play your iso on your PC, then at least we can eliminate the file being corrupted.  If you plan to  use mkv, then again the VLC media player can verify the file.  Once you get a good rip, then I would transfer the iso or mkv file to the internal storage of the hub and see if it plays… If that works, it’s time for the external my book test. There is a problem with external drives LARGER than 2T, but you have stated you are using a 2T, so you should be alright.