June 7 1906 - timestamp error

Hi there, I use a windows 10 PC with WD MyCloud Home over my LAN connected. Everything I copy (einther by drag and drop or by using Vice Versa Backup software receives a bad “last accessed” timestamp (set to June 7 1906). I have no clue whether I could set a time or specify a time server in my WC Cloud or if I could disable the whole timestamp “last accessed” which is not useful to me anyway. There was 1 post on it but no solution published. I am thankful to any helpt here. Thanks in advance and best regards to all; Martin

I have this same issue! the last access date is June 7, 1906, in all created files on the z: drive regardless of source , the backup from android photos using the mycloud app. however the only way i know of to see this date is through Wndows 10.

if i could find the version and firmware information i would include it here but i spend time looking fore this but for not. not hard to do on the original mycloud ! and the this problem does not exist on the original mycloud !

Regards Jim

ok, thanks for the commments. How do you do your backups ? - no problem about this timestamp ? - I use vice versa and it always copies everything again because all the target timestamps are older than the source (they are all June 7th 1906 whereas the source files are 2020 of course).

To be honest I have not done an backup, on the mycloud home.
Most of my stuff is on my older mycloud I use its built in USB3 backup jobs from the mycloud 4Tb to a Toshiba 4tb , I purchased Seagate 10 Tb drive and was intending to backup the mycloud home to that with the copy to usb.

See: https://community.wd.com/t/wd-discovery-4-1-270-8-12-2020/254940