.jpg's and .iso's display in video view of WD HD Live Plus

I have a WD HD Live Hub which is attached to my server via the network share.  When I add a new movie, the hub compiles the library and creates a .jpg and .xml file for the corresponding movie in my Movies folder.  I just recently bought a WD HD TV Live Plus and have that attached to a network share also.  When I am in the Video view, .jpg and .iso files both appear.  I don’t want to see the .jpg files in the list only the movie file.

I did a search in the WD HD Live forum and found this post:


Will this work and how can I fix this problem without causing a problem with the Hub?


That’s a good question.  Why don’t you try it and let us know.  :)   The worst that will happen is that it won’t work, and then you can just rename the file back to the way it was.

A number of users have reported that this does work. As Tony said the best thing is to try it yourself. You could start by just doing a couple to see how it goes.

I did try to change a few .jpg files and I got an error message saying please enter a valid file format.

Windows explorer will not allow you to put a period (.) in front of a file name. You must another program like ExplorerXP

(freeware)   http://www.explorerxp.com