Jpeg files are missing from certain folders

Hi, I have just discovered that I am missing most of my photos (.jpg) files from my book live in the shared pictures section. I can see .BMP, MOV, AVI. .PDF .NEF and .JPEG. However .jpg files have all gone apart from a recent folder I copied there.

The original file structures remain minus the .jpg files.

So I have established that .jpg files are not hidden as I can see my recent folder has them.

Something happened a while ago whether maliciously i.e. hacker, or there has been some sort of failure. The fact that only .jpg files were targeted and not .jpeg files or anything else leads me to be believe they may have been deleted deliberately. It is highly unlikely that they were all deleted accidently by myself.

Please can you advise if there is anything I can do.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Are you trying to access the files from a file explorer or from a finder window (in case you have a Mac) o a different computer?


Windows file explorer and I have tried from 2 separate computers. One is windows 7 and the other is windows 8.1

I have since discovered that my laptop which also contained jpgs has been affected.
I have run various virus and malware sweeps but have found nothing.
I have ran recovery software on the laptop but it cannot find any deleted jpgs.

My next plan is to remove the drive from the mybooklive case, connect it to a computer and attempt to recover any of the missing jpgs.
I know how to physically achieve this but is there anything else I would need to know in order to read the drive from a windows 8 PC?

Thank You.