Joomla, mysql, php upgrade

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Attracted to the idea of being able to use the wdex4 as host for joomla having seen this option on the package and in the wd site, before acquiring, I bought wdex4 but in effect there have been a lot of problem.

I installed the native application of joomla with the WD dashboard, but to my great regret I see that the native joomla is the version 2.5.6 also with the new firmware 1.05.30. Same problem with the php version stopped to 5.4.16 version and the mysql stopped to 3.5.1 version.
Consider that joomla arrived at the 3.3.3 version 3.3.3 mysql to 4.3.2 version, and so on.
Since at present is also impossible to install manually applications through the dashboard as well as via ssh, because there are not native commands to launch applications; so here the question:

do someone know how to upgrade joomla, mysql, and php applications with a method explained step by step? Consider that I ask a lot of time to solve this issue to WD support but they told me that there is a bug and it is not possible with actual firmware to install application through dashboard, and I would have used ssh method asking here in the community about the method. So is anyone able to do this that I asked? I hope that I have not bought a fake !

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Hello and welcome to the community,

I have never tried this since it is not supported. Lets see if any other user can share some experience on this topic.

Good Morning,

It was the reason why I bought it. In package There is written that it has joomla capabilities and so it can function in host mode. In effect it is so but the native joomla php and mysql are too old and cannot be upgraded to latest version.

The manual launch in dashboard doesnt function and in ssh mode there is not the command to launch application.

So I have bread but no teeth and vice versa !

I am waiting for an answer made by WD support that I think will change firmware to be able to do that, unless someone has solved this issue with its own strengths (very difficult thing) 

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