JBOD spanned


I have the 8TB unit (4 x 2TB reds)

I have setup it up as JBOD spanned to 1 logical drive.

My question is, what happens if 1 drive fails in this scenario?

I havent copied any data yet :slight_smile:


Hi MeninGate, welcome to the WD Community. JBOD doesn’t offer any data redundancy, so if one drive fails there wont be a second copy of the same file. After the first hard drive is full the data will be copied in hard drive two. If you have important files that you need to protect, I recommend you to use RAID 1, but this will halve the available space. 

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thanks jubei04, happy new year!

can i just confirm then, the data is copied to drive 1, the 2, 3 etc. until full.

I am after space - and I back up my ‘important’ stuff to an offline drive regularly. I just wasnt sure how the logical span worked with JBOD. If i stick 6tb drives in (if the my wife lets me buy them LOL) I will swap over to a RAID config.

thanks again mate

If you lose a drive, it breaks the logical volume so you may lose everything on all 4.

With a deep recovery, it may be possible to recover files off the working drives but it isn’t guaranteed.

RAID1 loses 1/2 the space so isn’t suited for many.

With 4 drives, RAID5 is usually a good comprimise. You lose the space of 1 drive - but the device is tolerant against any single drive failing - which can become quite likely with 4 disks - drives will eventually die.

thank you for your reponse…

thats good information