JBOD: Moving files from Disk 1 to Disk 2

Hello, everyone. I have my 16TB EX2 Ultra set up in JBOD mode. The red warning light went on yesterday, and the message dashboard has a warning for “Volume usage above 95%. Move files to improve performance” How do I move files from Disk 1 to Disk 2? Likewise, how do I get the system to STOP writing to Disk 1? The capacity dashboard shows 8.2 TB free, so it is seeing both drives.

I assumed the software would automatically begin migrating to volume 2, but I guess I misunderstood how JBOD works. Under Windows 10>Network it just shows “public” and then my “Home Videos” folder (the only folder that I setup), which is at 6.92TB.

Thank you for your assistance.

It’s not the system choosing which disk is used, it’s you. You need to create a different share on the volume assigned to disk 2.

I apologize, but I have no idea how to do that. Could you elaborate? I see the “shares” icon, and under “set up shares” is PUBLIC. Do I make the new folder as a sub-folder inside Public? Or do I create a “Public 2” folder?

I don’t know if this helps anyone but I had this today, after a backup.

I spoke to WD technical support and the answer is quite simple. When the first drive is full, the NAS will automatically switch to the second drive in the JBOD.

WD also pointed out that changing the drive mode to RAID 0 or Spanning will reduce the big drive to the same effective size as the small one, since my drives are different sizes.

The other option is to set up the 2 drives as Volume 1 and Volume 2 when you initially choose the RAID mode. Then name volume 1 and volume 2 as Disk 1 and Disk 2, respectively.