As a company Director I consider myself reasonably intelligent although my time is limited. I bought a wd my cloud 2tb at Christmas as you can stream I Tunes from here, as usual what appears straightforward on the box is not so. It would appear open heart surgery is easier, all of my music is on the cloud drive and the album covers are on itunes but when you click on itunes the music cannot be found.

Are there simple and easy steps to fix this, I really have no desire to solve the theory of relativity here nor do I want to become a part time IT expert.

The world would be a much easier place if WD, Apple, Microsoft could get together for the good of their customers and create one touch buttons that did all of these tasks for you, I have a life to live.


Hey Fozzy,

Im also relatively new to using the MyCLoud devices and this area threw me for a little loop; the instructions include an extra, unneeded step for setting this up.

Here is what I did, how it works for me, and I am hoping it is correct:

In your “Public” folders you have by default a “Music” folder. If you just copy and paste the m4a file from whatever computer is storing your iTunes music, it will automatically recognize it, and Bob’s your uncle. Once you go back into the cloud from any other device and go to the music folder you can click on any song to start playing. At that point the music player will allow you to shuffle, repeat, etc. While its advertised as an iTunes server it seems to act more like an m4a player. It just recognizes and plays the files, just like your ipod, iphone, or ipad would.

Try that and try to get it to play from any device you like. Let us know what happens and if anyone else wants to add anything or let me know if IM doin it wrong, please feel free to jump in.

-Cheers mate