Itunes won't discover wd tv live hub

My itunes doesn’t see the wd tv live hb, I have enabled itunes server and rebooted several times. I am on OSX 10.6.5 and Itunes 10.1.1. I am able to see the hub as an smb share so I can see the files ut it just won’t appear in Itunes.

Any ideas?

On the WDTV Live Hub Box it says that it will not play contents from iTunes. Meaning it will not play Video’s and Music that was purchased through iTunes. With that said, you can assume that the WDTV Live Hub isn’t compatible with Itunes and its contents.

Well, that’s a bit of an oversimplification.

It won’t play **DRM** content purchased through iTunes.   It will play the DRM-Free stuff just fine.

But even then, that doesn’t mean it’s compatible with iTunes.   iTunes is a library manager, DRM’d content player, and a storefront; nothing else.  :)  One shouldn’t expect it to be compatible with “iTunes.”

What I am looking for is the wd tv live hub to be detected as a shared library enabled by the itunes server built into the hub. It seems to get detected fine on Windows XP but not on my Mac with OSX 10.6.5 I have discovered today.

I’m also running OSX 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1.1, which can see my Hub and play the music stored on there.

Didn’t need to do anything special to get it working; I just enabled iTunes server on the Hub and rescanned (via web interface as I was too lazy to walk through the apartment and turn on the TV).

Not sure what to suggest!

If you have any questions about specific settings on my Mac or Hub I’ll be happy to check.  :)

Thanks for confirming that, I have done exactly the same. I had my Mac on a static ip and was using Google DNS but have set it back to DHCP using the same DNS as the hub but it’s still not appearing in Itunes. I’m not sure what settings we can compare. I don’t think I can fix it by using different settings on the hub as Itunes on my windows machine detects it fine. Hmmmm…