iTunes vs. Twonky


Recently I moved my iTunes library to a WD My Book Live network drive, from a windows XP desktop machine. I have been trying to access the itunes library wirelessly from my laptop and all it see are the itunes files that I have moved from my laptop, not the iTunes files from my XP machine. The files I see are in the Public/shared music/iTunes/iTunes media folder on the WD My Book Live drive. After I transferred the files from my XP machine, my XP machine died. Yet, I can access the iTunes files on the WD drive transferred from the XP machine via Twonky.  I just can’t see where the files are on my WD drive using windows explorer using windows 7. Any suggestions how I can get my iTunes files from Twonky into my iTunes media folder? or why I can see the Twonky files in windows expolorer?

Thank You

That is strange. At least you know the songs are out there somewhere.

I would start by setting Windows to view hidden files, just to try. From a Windows Explorer click Organize, then Folder and Search Options. Click the View tab, then set Windows to show hidden files and folders.

See if you can find you music this way.

If that does not work, then enable SSH on the My Book Live. There are some “find” commands you can run in the linux shell that will let you locate the files for sure.