iTunes server

I’m new to external hard drives in general, but bough this to back up my Mac Mini, which it does just fine, but also to serve as a cloud for my iTunes so that everyone can access them.  So far I have not worked out how to do this as when I scan for media in the cloud dashboard it can’t find any media - Help.

Any help would be gratefully accepted and I’m sorry if this is very obvious, but it isn’t at all obvious to me.

Thanks in advance.

Under setings, Media, turn on iTunes Server.

Put your music in any share, make sure the share has DLNA and media serving on.

On your computer, in iTunes preferences, general, make sure you check the box for shared libraries. This box wlil be greyed out if your bonjour service is not active.

You are unable to use the iTunes server in the drive to stream movies. Audio files only.