iTunes server

Hi all, I’ve recently purchased a Samsung DA-E670 wireless dock that works via AirPlay and want to start using the iTunes Server feature of the WDTVLiveHub so that I don’t have to keep my laptop turned on all the time.  I’ve copied my iTunes library to the hub and have enabled the iTunes server from the web console.  When I go into iTunes (v11.0.1.12) it sees the WDTVLiveHub under “Shared”, but if I click on this, iTunes just sits there saying Loading “WDTVLiveHub” for ages.

From some research I’ve done, it looks like the issue is a change in recent versions of iTunes regarding support for non-Apple devices.  

Is there anything I can do to fix this and enable playing of MP3s from the WDTVLiveHub via AirPlay (or via Samsung’s AllShare protocol)?



Have you check with apple to see if they have an official fix since most likely the issues is with itunes server?

Did you move all you music files only into the music folder on the WDTV Hub.

I have a similar doubt…

I want to stream my itunes server shared library to an iDevice using the iTunes Remote App but i’m not sure if this is possible.

Did someone tryed this before?

Hi, I haven’t got a music folder on the wdtvlivehub, just \wdtvlivehub\wdtvlivehub and then the folders I’ve created.  I’ve copied my iTunes folder onto there (into \wdtvlivehub\wdtvlivehub\iTunes) and can browse it via Twonky or my PS3 but the iTunes server doesn’t work.  I’ve just tried creating a MUSIC folder on there and copying a couple of MP3s into there but iTunes still just sits there saying “Loading WDTVLiveHub” when I click on it under Shared in iTunes.  I know the laptop/iTunes are working since I can browse my brother’s laptop without any issues under Shared in iTunes.

Any other ideas?  At the moment I’m thinking of scrapping the WDTVLiveHub and getting a Synology DS212j/213air

On your WDTV Hub you should have the main WDTVLiveHub folder in which there should be 4 other folder if you show hidden files. these are

Console   -   Movies   -   Music   -   Photos

All you music files need to be placed into Music folder, You cannot move your Itunes library over just the music files.

Then in Itunes you will see the WDTVLive as a device

Those folders aren’t there, and the WDTVLiveHub shows up in iTunes under Shared but doesn’t do anything when I click on it. I’ve created a Music folder and putting an MP3 in there but that didn’t change anything…