Itunes Server and Character Map

Hi, there.

Bought a MBL and filled Public/Shared Music with 17000+ songs from my private collection, previously ripped from my CDs.

When ripped, id3 tags were filled with tites and other informations, using ASCII-UTF16 codes.

The whole collection, recorded on a USB external hard-drive, showed correctly in iTunes local library. But, when copied to MBL, iTunes Server shows informations with lots of ? characters in place of á, ã, ç characters, for example.

I suppose it’s a problem of code table. Maybe iTunes Server is using UNICODE, I don’t know.

Did anyone out there have this problem? Is there a fix?


It happens a lot with most media servers as they are making a broadcast that most of the times does not include metadata or non-English characters. Try another media server to broadcast your music other than iTunes.

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Thanks for the answer. As far as I unnderstood, it’s a problem of the iTunes Server broadcasting routine. WD support said it had nothing to do with iTunes Server… blah.