Itunes on Apple Mac - Cant find all songs on MB Live

Hi All,

I have recently loaded all my itunes music on the MB Live.

I dragged all the album folders over to Itunes and set up artwork etc without issue.  Itunes preferences understands all the music is on the MB Live.   All good 

Recently, itunes has been having problems with the finding songs located on MB Live.

When I access an album, the song listing is all there but there is an exclamation mark next to song name (  The song supposedly cannot be found ).  To re-engage I am required to double click on every song on the list and this forces iTunes to relink to the song stored on the MB Live.

This is becoming very annoying as I need to do it every few days.  It doesnt happen with every album.

On some occasions, a song will play via iTunes and then wont play the next song in list until I force double click on it, again to what I assume is re-engage or re-link it ???

Is this an iTunes issue or like a filing (catalogue) issue with the MB Live???

Thanks for any advice everyone

Best regards.

How did you loaded all you music to the MBL? Did you follow the instructions in the Apple page on how to move your library to an external drive or you just drag and drop?

I cleared everything from iTunes. Grab a copy of my music backup and saved it on MBL.
Opened that main folder on MBL, selected everything inside it and dragged the album folders it into iTunes. iTunes then ran process of updating catalogue and then I updated album artwork (all without issues)
I then went into iTunes preferences to set location of iTunes music (and anything new added) to be saved into the music folder on MBL.