iTunes media streaming not working with latest version of iTunes

Just recently purchase my My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and was disappointed to find out that after version 10.4 of iTunes, media streaming will not work properly. I understand by talking to Tech Support that WD is planning to resolve this issue in an upcoming firmware release and was hoping that by posting here in the community that some details regarding the timing of that firmware release could be posted. Thanks!!!

Hello there,

I do not have any information on when the firmware will be released, normally when the firmware release there is an announcement, so please keep checking the community regularly. Also lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter with you.

Update: After spending several hours with WD Line 2 Tech Support, they recommended that I return my My Cloud Mirror for a new on. After spending another 24 hours transferring all my photos, music, movies, etc…I’m experiencing the same problem. Here are the steps I’ve taken that resulted in the exact same issue with a second (new) device.

1.) Consolidated iTunes library on PC.
2.) Copy and Paste all documents, music, pictures, movies from PC to respective Share/folder in the Public Share (iTunes folder to Shared Music, Pictures to Shared Pictures, etc).
3.) Through dashboard that all files are on the WD My Cloud Mirror (space and file counts match)
4.) Verify through Finder on Mac that MyCloudMirror is accessible, all files exist and are in their respective Shares/Folders, and can open picture files and play music files.
5.) Open iTunes and see in upper left hand corner that I can select the MyCloudMirror and an alternative source.
6.) iTunes lets me select the MyCloudMirror as the source, but indicated that there are MyCloudMirror “has no music” and “has no media”.
7.) Verify in the dashboard the media sharing is ON for Public Share.
8.) Verify in Dashboard > Settings > Media that iTunes is ON
9.) Attempt to run a Refresh of the iTunes database.
`10.) Refresh runs, but stalls out at 93% (note, this is the exact same place it stopped with the previous device)
11.) Go back into iTunes, and the drop down/selector for an alternative source is not longer available.

At step 11 with the prior device, I spent 2 hours with WD Line 2 Tech Support and that is when they recommended this replacing with this second device.

I would really appreciate any input from folks that have successfully achieved music streaming in iTunes with the WD MyCloudMirror. I would also appreciate anyone from WD responding with advice.

I basically purchased this device as a means to centralize, store, protect, and stream a massive iTunes music collection…obviously disappointed, but really like everything else about the device and hope I can find and answer.