iTunes Match

I’m afraid I already know the answer to this question, but figured I’d ask anyway.
Now that I have all my music from iTunes on WD MyCloud, what do I need to know if I am going to sign up for iTunes Match?

Not much to add since your WD My Cloud will not interact with your Apple iCloud account, which is what iTunes uses for the iTunes Match service

Your WD My Cloud can still provide your with remote music playback through the WD My Cloud app though.

So the best thing for me to really do is probably get a cheap computer, load my music on that, back it up to the cloud (for backup) and use that as my iTunes Match.

It’s tough when you have 40 years of music… Most of which started as an LP collection, then CD’s then iTunes between two people (me & mrs…).

I understand where you’re coming from since music preservation is always a concern I have.

Kind of along these lines. I am about to purchase a WD cloud. If the music I have collected is transferred to the cloud, can/will iTunes still recognise the new file location for my music (obviously I would have told it where it has moved to) in the cloud.

It is not going to stop me buying it just handy not to have it all on my computer if I don’t need it to be.

Yes, I would suggest doing a specific share just for your music.
On the share, enable media sharing on that share.
Under Settings, enable DLNA Media Streaming & iTunes.
If you make any changes to the music directory, you should refresh the iTunes Database (under settings on the WD)

Once you have done this, open iTunes and you’ll see an option for WDMyCloud. This will enable iTunes as a media player for all your music.

You should be able to stream your music from any PC / Mac running iTunes. Apple TV or any other IOS device will not. Here is where WD falls short, their IOS app is not robust. It will play music but not as well as other DNLA Media players.