Itunes library multiple listings

I’ve put my itunes library on my MyCloud.  When I open itunes I can access the library no problems.  However when I view the list of songs every song is listed 4 times and every playlist is listed twice.  When I probe through the directories on the MyCloud each song is only on there once.  I can’t delete the extra listings in itunes.  Any ideas on what I’ve got wrong?  Thanks.

This might happen as you move things around. If you right click on a duplicate song, and choose “show in explorer/finder”, you might find out that many copies are in fact orphans.

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Etupes, Thanks for the help.

The “show in explorer/finder” option is not available (at least for me) when viewing the files (music & playlists) on the MyCloud through iTunes.  But you were right about the orphans.  What I think was happening was the WD itunes server scan was finding multiple back-ups on my MyCloud.  I deleted the extra back-ups and now I am down to just 2 listings of each and I know where they are coming from (“live” version on MyCloud and back-up on USB drive attached to MyCloud backing up the MyCloud).

Go to the admin dashboard of the NAS and turn off media scanning for the share corresponding to your USB