Itunes artwork


The itunes server on the MyBookLive does not serve my artwork.  I think it is possible to attach the artwork directly to the file (in ID3 tags, I think).  In this case, should the MyBookLive iTunes serve the artwork? 



It might work.

Why dont you try that and let us know of the results? will be nice to confirm that for us.

What are you serving the files to?    I know that iTunes won’t display it even if it’s embedded in the file.

I am serving the files using the WD itunes server, to itunes running on a macbook.  I have embeded the artworks in the files, but it does not work. :frowning:

I know that itunes does not embed in the files, but I’m a little surprised that it can’t use them.  The artwork embedded in my files shows up properly when iTunes reads the file directly, but when it comes from the WD itunes server, it still has no artwork.

Ok - I think I found more info.

MyBookLive runs forked-daapd as its itunes server.  forked-aapd does not seem to support embedded artwork, but will accept artwork as jpg files stored with a specific name.

See for more details.