iTunes 12.0.1 Upgrade Issue

iTunes has always been configured to pick up all my music from Shared Music on MBL, however since upgrading to iTunes 12.0.1 it is not recognising my Library or allowing me to re-import the Library file.

No issue with the files themselves, they still open through iTunes when i manually import, and Sonos etc. is unaffected.  Never used Twonky or similar software so this is not a factor.

Manually selecting the library upon start-up (Shift+Start) appears to not be possible because of the file structure, when i go searching for the Library the iTunes folder does not show.

I feel like i’ve tried everything, any help would be massively appreciated!

Hi sparky8_89, what happens when you try to re-import the library? You can try going into the My Book Live dashboard and verify that the iTunes server checkbox is selected.

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