It's not doing anything

Running Windows 7.  It is up to date as far as updates.

Passport USB 3, 1Tb

If was fine…haven’t plugged it in a couple of weeks.

Plugged it in to back up new files but even though it says “backing up” in the WDSmartWare window…it wasn’t doing anything.

I ran diagnostics.  all fine

erased my data…figured I’d start from scratch

Now after I click on START BACKUP …it says Ready To Perform Backup …but it doesnt do anything.

Hi there, what if you reinstall Smartware?

Still, since you have Windows 7 I’d go for Windows Backup…

Problem solved…for now.

Turned off my computer.  Disconnected drive.  Rebooted.  Plugged in drive and VOILA ! it backed the whole thing up.