It's a feature, I was told

I have multiple files, in the 100s that that I need to download off my own cloud storage, but I am stuck at downloading 1 at a time??? WTH! My ReadyCloud (Netgear), my external harddrive I have just have hooked up to my router, I have no issues with. I can download whole folders and multiple files at once, but I could not figure out how to do it on this cloud based storage device. So I call tech support. The guy on the phone, said it was a feature!!! A feature? Really?? Making your users download 1 file at a time taking literally an hour to access my own files is a feature!? If there is a way to download entire folders, or multiple files at once, this would be greatly helpful. If not I’m taking this **** back to the store and will never purchase anything from WD again.

@Bound2thefloor Have you visited the Learning Center and read the information on the My Cloud Home?