It wont play my avi video files ! Please tell me there is a fix for this!

I have hours and hours of avi video that was shot on a Sony camcorder back in 1993-2000.  I was able to transfer the files to the hub with no problem, but it says it cannot play this format.  I thought it could play virtually every video format.

Any suggestions ???  I really would like to keep this product…

Same problem here. I have an AVI file of my band playimg from some years ago, 720x480p, 30fps, 48K audio & the HUB rejected it.

I am guessing the are DV AVIs, which are not supported. Use the mediainfo tool to find out.

Probably correct…I just checked the file properties & it does say “DV”.

I’ll try to re-encode mine as Windows AVI & see if that works, thanks!

To the OP…when I couldn’t get it to play my DV avi file, I simply used Windows 7 DVD Maker to make a quick DVD & then copied that to a thumbdrive & transfrerred it to the HUB, worked like a champ.

I dont understand how the simpliest. most basic laptop computer can play dv-avi files, but this device cannot.

There are dozens of codecs the device won’t play. And codecs that were never intended for playback are among them. DV is an acquisition codec, not a playback codec.

Does that mean it will never be avail on this device?

Only WD knows, but I doubt it… There are so many variants of DV…

Thank you for the info…seems a little disingenuous for them to put “Play virtually any media file”.  thats what caught my attention in the first place…

I think the key word is ‘virtually’.