It’s only 100Mb

So I’m in the process of rebuilding a laptop I had a spare 1TB HDD (WD blue) WD10JPVX it came from a terminally dead laptop - Tech stated it was the CPU fried Motherboard U/S other parts fried screen cracked- but seemed that the hard drive was working - anyhow I scrapped that machine as I was rebuilding another so I transferred the HDD to the new machine and powered it up according to every test I’ve done including putting it into a external caddy. It only shows 100Mb not 1TB.

Any ideas if this thing is repairable/ pooched or just missing some firmware to make it read properly?

It’s going to be running Windows 7 as a back up loaner machine

seems not

the other partitions may be destroyed which will show as blank in the windows disk manager

So the drive works in device manager then fails to operate so I think it’s pooched-

I am inclined to agree

get several disks so that you can have backups of the main disk