It looks like things are starting to happen - Status updates on Live ideas - in review or unplanned

In Review = This idea has been acknowledged and is currently under review for consideration to be implemented into this product.

Full Menu support of BluRay or DVD disc Status: In Review 

NETFLIX streaming support Status: In Review Thanks for everyone's feedback. We are looking into this. We'll let you know once we have the good news.

Get movie information from IMDB Status: In Review 

IDEA: Better navigation IN files Status: In Review  We are looking into this request. We may consider implementing video jump feature that allows user to jump to a specific time.

Auto detect frame rate (24/60 etc.) Status: In Review We are studying into this

Open API for Plugin Support Status: In Review

IMDB integration Status: In Review Thanks, we are looking into this.

Support for general internet radio streams. Status: In Review What kind of internet radio streams would it be? MP3? Or Shoutcast? Can you provide some examples?

"Marked as Watched" function for WDTVlive Status: In Review

USB Keyboard Support Status: In Review We feel the pain. We are looking into this. Thx.

Extended Subtitle Functions in WDTVLive Status: In Review We'll try to enhance the subtitle support. Thanks for the feedback.

Visual effects while playing music Status: In Review We are looking to improve the screensaver capability rather than just a bouncing WD logo. However, this feature enhancement currently ranks lower than other important ones that I have commented earlier. But we'll see when we can improve this.

Themes and/or wallpaper Status: In Review 

Faster forward/rewind on Video and Audio files Status: In Review beatbeckhamses: We do have the video resume function which should pick up from where you left off last time. Also, we have skip by 10 min feature by pressing NEXT during FF. Net, net, agreed the FF/RWD performance should be better.

Web server for controlling Status: In Review 

DV File Support Status: In Review We'll study into this. Can someone help point out if there is any sample test content online that we can try out?

Add more file support for WD TV Live - flv Status: In Review We are looking into this.

Auto rotate portrait orientation using file's EXIF info Status: In Review We'll look into this...

BBC iPlayer Support Status: In Review 

Multichannel FLAC support Status: In Review Guys, can you provide some sample test link of the multi-channel FLAC so we can look into this? Thanx!

Integration with Picasa Web Albums Status: In Review 

Configurable Shares for WDTV Live Status: In Review We'll look into this...

Slideshow screensaver Status: In Review   

Unplanned = This idea is currently not planned in the product roadmap.  
DLNA Media server on the original CD Status: Unplanned Bundling with a DLNA media server is not in the plan as this is positioned as a media player product. If you are simply looking for a DLNA media server to run on the computer, there are plenty of good suggestions out there such as Twonkey media... etc. instead of Pandora Status: Unplanned currently is not in the future WDTV plan. We'll look for alternative internet radio services for the non-US customers besides just having Live365.

DVD Content list Status: Unplanned DVD menu support will be a better feature

USB Flash drive as buffer for Wireless Streaming Status: Unplanned We already have some buffer on WDTV today used for video streaming. The real problem is how big the network pipeline is. If your house structure supports it, I recommend using Powerline products to stream quality HD video. animal99: have you tried playing the same file via USB?

Bittorrent Client for WDTV Live Status: Unplanned This feature is currently unplanned as having torrent support will consume a lot of system resource. WD also has several network attached storages that supports torrent download. Using a dedicated device like a NAS or PC is better in my opinion.

HD Audio Support Status: UnplannedCurrently we support DTS2.0 and Dolby Digital 2 channel output. While we try to support as many codec as possible and keep our box fairly low price for the general consumers, these codecs are also expensive items to support. Digital passthrough except DTS HD MA should still work though.

Be green - don't waste energy and save the global climate! Status: unplanned We try to make our product as low power as possible, which is also why we have an EnergyStar compliant power adapter. The <1W in standby request will be done when Europe's EuP requirement comes in.

RMVB support for WDTV Live Status: Unplanned Unfortunately with this specific hardware platform, RMVB codec cannot be supported. However, WD does offer the WDTV Mini Media Player which supports RMVB decode.

I spent a lot of time looking through all these in the past few days and have been mostly very happy with their choices / decisions. :slight_smile:

None of the Unplanned features are anything I’d miss.

Most of the In-Review ideas are things I’d like to see, with a few exceptions that might be technically easier to implement and will, unfortunately, probably be added ahead of more useful ideas.

If they have any sense, they’ll focus on creating an open API first.  If the more technically able Live owners have a chance to create plugins, they’ll probably add the other features we want faster than WD can.

Anyway, just need to see some statuses change to Pending now.  :D

Yes, it sounds very promising. Although I would liked to have seen the fixing of the YouTube login that reboots the WDTV Live.

For my opinion there should be very high priority on the following issues:

  • missing DVD or Blu-ray menu
  • YouTube reboot issue
  • MP4 out of sync
  • auto detect frame rate

I hope WD should adress these issues in the next update. Everything else would be nice or great to have.


any fixes are nice, but the DVD / BR menus would be SWEET.

hopefully they are looking at the double thumbnail / all media viewable issue.  i still don’t get that one.  whey when i’m looking at my VIDEO section, do i need to see my MUSIC folders.

anyway, let’s hope they are serious about it and will get a firmware out there that is solid and with no glitches.

WD Thank you for these responses. I agree with most of them.  Keep system resources low but satisfaction high. I really enjoy my WD HD TV Live.  I am not all that concerned with DVD/Blu Ray Menus (wouldnt I just use a player and disk?). or a BiTorrent Client running on WD HD Live (why not just run bit torent on the computer and save the file as it’s downloading to a disk connected to WD HD TV Live over the network?). Improved playback and tweaking what I originally paid for is the best route.  Playing back DV footage would make it tops.  

I agree first and foremost is that this media player actaually plays HD media without a problem.

The audio synch issue would have to have the highest priority I would have thought.

This is purely the reason I purchased this device.

I’m assuming that the audio sync issue is not listed because it is a problem that needs fixing. not an “idea”

OK, not assuming, hoping . . . hoping is a much better word.