It keeps losing it's partition

greetings! i have a wd mybook essential 2tb that has started losing it’s partition. in the last 2 days it has disappeared 4 times - on 3 diff. win xp & 7 pc’s. happens when it is safely removed from one system and then attached to another - poof it’s gone. sometimes it moves ok, next time, bang! it re-partitions and formats ok in disk management. it’s in warranty, whats up here?

Hi, try testing the unit with DLG Tool and make sure to test different cables.

quick test passed, extended in progress. hey, what is the precise function of the SES driver??

ah disregard - it’s in the faq’s

ack! here i plug it in again days later and it is unallocated again! this drive passed the long test

check that - it does not display in xp sp3, but DOES show in win 7 64 bit. what the heck is going on?

Is the drive still factory format? I’ve seen people who have problems when switching between XP and Windows 7. I think thee is a slight difference in the formatting. Possibly formatting from XP might help.