Issues with Plex Media Server crashing


I am having issues with Plex Media Server constanly crashing on my EX4100. I am at the most recent firmware level of the NAS software and also of the Plex software itself.

When it crashes it looks like only the process called “Plex Media Server” crashes and the “Plex DLNA Server” process continues to run according to the ssh process listings.

In order to restart Plex when this happens, I need to log into the Web Interface and then restart it via the “Apps” page. If I try and restart it via the backend commands in SSH, it does not start properly (Is the Web Interface doing something special ??)…

Anyways, I was wondering if WD have thought of trying to implement something like “daemonwatch” on some of the old Buffalo NAS devices. The “daemonwatch” service is configured to monitor particular processes and if a process is found to not be running that should be, it restarts the affected services cleanly. This would be a good feature as it does not look like the crashes will be fixed anytime soon.

By the way, the Crash Reports from Plex are generating when it does crash and on subsequent restarts, the logs indicate they Reports are being sent to Plex to analyze.



Hi there,

This sounds like a good suggestion, you can post this on our ideas boards:


I’ve managed to get “monit” running on my NAS via the QNAPWare packages and it works fine for keeping an eye on Plex when it crashes… I am happy to keep on “customizing” my own NAS as really these are things that WD should have thought of in the base product (especially if my really ancient Buffalo NAS has such a feature already).