Issues with iTunes Server


I bought a 3 TB MyCloud and so far I’m loving it! The only issue I have is with the iTunes server functionality. Basically, I have to turn it on and off often because sometimes it stops working. My music library has close to 45,000 songs (about 225 GB). Sometimes, it loads from iTunes and when it does, it takes a few minutes initially. If I stop using iTunes and come back to try to use it, it never loads so I have to restart the iTunes server and pray it will work the next time.

This is happening on both a Windows PC and a Mac. I’ve restarted the device a few times with no luck. I know the iTunes server (forked-daapd) is Open Source and mostly reversed engineer so it may be a limitation but I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.

Thank you!

Sorry, can’t answer you question, but have a query for you - Did you receive any warning alerts when you copied all your music over? I have around 22000 songs (135GB) and received the following email alert

Event title:Exceeded share directory monitor resource limitEvent description:Share directory monitor watch limit has been exceeded. Please reduce number of directories and restart the device to ensure all items are viewable in remote access.


I did not get a warning