Issues with EX2 Attached to Bridged Router

Hey All, 

I did some searching but could not find anything. I apologize if this is a repost. My EX2 is connected to a router that is bridged to my main router/modem. I do not have issuse connecting to my EX2 via any of the Macs in my house that are connected to the main router via SMB connection. Meaning I can hit CMD+K in finder and connect to the router via this route. But WD quick view tool does not see the EX2 when it is mounted like this. As such I can not use the name.local/ utility to manage the EX2. Most frustrating is that no matter how the unit is connected TimeMachine does not see the EX2 so I can not back up. 

Does anyone have any tips to manage this?


As a recommendation, please contact WD Support for direct assistance.

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