Issues to access harddrive from 2 different computer

 i’m having a 1TB my passport, and 2 computers - one for office and one private. I installed the software on my private and use traditional way to backup manually instead of using the smartware. Then i copy past some files from my company compputer. but now i have a big issue  - many folders (70% of folders, not all) i saved via home computer showed as locked and non-accesible when i use them from my home computer, and vice versa. It says i don’t have access right, but I didn’t put any password control myself and tried many times with admin setup and it still didn’t work. 

It **bleep** to have a portable harddrive which you never know if you will be access your file or not when you change computers… please help! thanks

Hi, that is not a problem with the hard drive but with windows, you need to change the file permissions, check the link below for the steps.

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