Issue with one folder

Have a strange one here.  I have my films on the internal HDD split into genre folders (Action, Comedy etc) all are fine but about a week ago the ‘Drama’ folder (which only contains 12 films, so not alot compared to other folders) grinds to a stand still when navigating.  When you press an button on the remote it takes the hub 1-2 mins to respond.  If you come all the way out and then select another folder, all is well again.  Ive also noticed browing the same folder takes a bit longer via the PC as well.  Im in the middle of transfering this folder to the PC, ill delete from the Hub and then transfer back to see if this helps.  But an idea why, or any one else seen this issue?

Many Thanks,


Al I can think off is a bad sector or something on the internal drive.

I suppose you will find out if you get any crc errors when moving the files across to your PC.

I suppose a wise man would say back everything up as it could be the start of bad things ?