Issue with content info and folders

Alright, so I just picked up the new WD TV Live and I connected it fine to my network. I enabled the Media Library over a Network Share (Windows Shares -> Router -> USB hard drive).  So it compiled the files and got as much info as it could on those files. So I browse my files to see that the Anime shows that I have segmented into folders, I’m unable to get content info for those folders. Only for the files inside those folders am I able to get content info. Which, in effect, is pointless since it doesn’t get individual episode info, only series info. So getting content info on episodes gets the info for the entire series. So my question is, is there a way to get content info for those folders? 

First, you’re in the wrong forum.   The forum for the Live SMP is here:

But to answer your question:  No, you cannot get content info for FOLDERS; only the CONTENTS of the folders.

 pointless since it doesn’t get individual episode info

I’m not sure what this means; the SMP certainly does collect episode-specific information for TV shows.