Issue for internal storage unrecognized but safe hdd...!

OMG, one time, my internal storage was unrecognized after a shutdown…The disk worked perfectly, but impossible to ha

ve a partition, and then no one partition was recognized… (phantom hdd…)

I’ve read some post of this forum with this problem related, and nothing finded (I was very disappointed!!). After a while of 15 days of searches, I founded a solution!!!

For all of guys that has opened the WDTV, and therefore has not a chance to make play Warranty, there is maybe a issue for this pb.

Try this:


Link the internal hdd to your PC and erase ALL partitions.

(Take care to not create a new one, it means that your hdd must have 0 partitions created)


Once you did it, replace the disque in the WDTV, and when it ask to delete the disk, select “Cancel”.

Go to the settings, and select “System” and “Initialise firmware to default factory setting”.


When the WDTV reboot, it ask for the second time to format the hdd. Select “Yes”, and it’s done!!!



Cool! I mean, not everyone will open their Hubs for that but it’s still nice to have an alternative to try :slight_smile:


I hope that it can help some others… It was very hard to find… WD support themselve does not know the issue of this pb…

Best regards,