Issue Deleting folders in EX2

I created some folders (uploaded from device) on my EX2 and then moved the files to different locations.  The ‘old’ folders are empty (at least from what I can see) and when trying to delete I get the following error:  “You need permission to perform the following action”  “You require permission from Unix User\root to make changes to this file”  I open a case with WD but they had no clue and closed it.  I am running Windows 7.   


do you know how to ssh?

WD shipped this product out “NOT READY” so you have to use ssh to change the permissions right because WD dont know ±!@#$% iguess :open_mouth:

search “WD MY Cloud EX2” forum for permissions on puplic folder, you may have created the folder as root but know you are not logged in as root ergo you have not the rights to delete the folder “root” user created?

hope my babble help :expressionless: cause WD dont do help for !@#$%~67


if you know how to ssh you can check the permissions on the folders you can’t delete and see what user have the permissions.


what means “ssh”

Some informations i found out the last few days fiddling around with my EX2ultra:

  • Everthing you do (create, copy, move) via the WD webinterface is internally done as user “root” (highest rank of permissions if you want so).
  • Everything you do via SMB (=connect to your share with a windows machine) is treated as user “nobody” which is the lowest possible “rank” on the system.
  • You can create and set users in the webinterface but then again, if you copy smth via the webinterface it´s “root” which (at least) can´t be deleted with any other user.

Easiest way to delete your files is use the webinterface.
Or you can log in via SSH (pls google how to use Putty before) and delete the files by hand.
Or you set the permissions to smth like 777 or you change the affiliated user to nobody:share so you can edit the folder from a windows machine via smb. (it seems that just 777 doesn´t work, i can remote delete the files but seconds after that they are there again)

The last one is what i did with my nzbget client: I created a fresh share for it and installed the bin there, after that i set everthing to “nobody:share” and started the client as user “nobody”. Now i can copy, move or delete all my downloaded files inside this enviroment easily from a windows explorer.