ISO problem

Another problem!!

I have about 20 ISO files and of them only about 3 play, the rest direct me to refer to the manual.  Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?  Is there a firmware update soon to be released?

I really liked the sound of this player, but at the minute i am left feeling very unimpressed :frowning:

Well lets slow down a bit here…

Your last thread was about sound and you blamed the box, but there is no way you are going to get digital sound through analogue cables, something you have not really acknowledged.

There also is a search here, if you type in ISOs you will find lots of answers. The questions would be…

What did you encode them with

What ones work

What firmware are you using

Things like that.

Hey, hey

I did acknowledge the sound issue (it was pointed out i won’t get 5.1 through my system set up :()

1.  I didn’t encode them - so unsure what codec was used.

2.  Updated to latest firmware.

Should i drag them back and convert to a known format or is there a firmware fix in the pipeline? 


You need to mark your thread as fixed then, as although a pain for you, there is no issue as such.

  1. Well thats an area I dont want to go to, it wont be a codec it will be an app, and if you don’t know, well its all a bit awkward :slight_smile:

  2. The latest firmware is not always the greatest thing, in some cases it actually breaks things.

You ask if there is a firmware fix, well thats like saying either they know what to fix, or there is a problem, did you read the Iso threads by searching ?

Ah! Understand what you mean now; done - thanks!

2.  Yes, i read the threads and the ‘solution’ seemed to be to try a “device reset”; which i did.  I then started trying all the iso’s that did not work previously.  I got to 5 working and then suddenly “refer to manual”.  I went back to the ones that were just working and each of them gave the “refer to manual” error.  ISO’s and IMG files worked for a short time.

Very strange, but also sounds very fixable.  C’mon WD get a fix out!

(thanks all!)