ISO Playback Confusion

I am still sorting out what the Hub will and will not do WRT ISO playback. I have 3 Hubs and 2 Live Drives networked.

I have heard that the Hub (and other similar boxes) will not stream ISOs. Yet, I can playback ISOs stored on one Hub on another Hub as long as I use Network Share. Won’t work using Media Server. 

Is this because, on Network Share, that the local Hub is mounting the ISO file from the remote Hub?  This seems to work from the Live Drives as well.  Will it work from a networked laptop that is running Twonky server?  Seems that I tried that last week and it would not, but I may have been using Media Server.

Exactly right.   When it uses an ISO, it simply mounts the ISO into the internal file system, thus making it look to the rest of the software like an actual DVD.      It ONLY works via Samba.    The WD’s cannot mount an ISO exposed via DLNA Streamers, as DLNA isn’t a Block-level file service.

Thanks, again, Tony for your help.  I suppose I will learn all this someday!