ISO of DVD - how to interact with menus?

Hi folks.

I have an ISO image of a commercial DVD. My SMP can find the iso file and plays the menu, but the SMP remote (ie. ok to select a menu item; up/down arrows to move within the menu) do not work; when I press them, there is no action taken by the SMP.

Is this expected? Is there a way to interact w/ the DVD menu (I can’t play the movie)?


A commercial DVD must have it’s protection code cracked, and then an ISO is created.  Is that what you have done?

Yes; I used k9copy (linux) to make the iso. I also tried just ripping it to a folder (with audio_ts and video_ts directories), which behave the same way. Which is to say, the main DVD menu is displayed with the default selection chosen, but the SMP remote is not able to interact with the menu.

Hmmm.  I’ve not seen this issue … and I’ve ripped hundreds of DVDs. 

But I use DVD Fab, not k9copy…  

Are you saying that the “ok” and arrow keys on the SMP remote work normally in your ripped DVD menus?


Same here though I usually rip without menus.