ISO files

Due to stuttering during playback of my DVD rips I’ve decided to try converting to an ISO file, first attempt this evening. Not very successful, only half of the film was converted, loss of 5.1 audio, no menus. Can anyone recommend a decent piece of software to convert vob files to ISO which will give me, menus, the main film in its entirety and 5.1 audio or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thank in advance


or if you already have previously ripped VIDEO_TS  folders on HDD then i use  Folder2iso

DVD Shrink.


Folder2ISO works a treat, quick, simple to use and makes a full copy of the folder to include 5.1 audio, menus, extras and great quality video, thank you for the information, 1 file down and 313 to go :slight_smile:


simple is best :smiley:

maybe there is a way to “batch process” it … but since i only had about 50, i did’nt bother investigating

I will work my way through these, favourites first obviously :slight_smile:

Thanks again